Shambles Food Court

Food Court flyer

For world street food in the heart of York, visit the Shambles Food Court, located within the Shambles Market, bursting with an array of delicious lunch options!

Los Moros:
For a taste of something new, try the delicious North African and Levantine street food served at Los Moros York. Treat yourself to a special lunch of Chermoula Lamb’s liver with Batata Harra (Lebanese spicy potatoes), or perhaps vegan Falafel, Humus, Tahina, Aleppo Pepper served in a box with salad! Owner Tarik offers locally sourced, globally inspired food – which is always freshly made, and full of fantastic flavours! (You also receive a complimentary cup of refreshing Moroccan mint tea with every main meal!)
Serving some of the tastiest, and healthiest fast food York has to offer from a stunning vintage Citroen HY parked in the Shambles Food Court, KREP offer delicious, freshly made Crêpes and Galettes (savoury crêpes) with a huge range of flavours and sides. Authentic French cuisine at affordable prices, in ideal lunch-sized portions; what more could you wish for? (Perhaps some fairly-sourced, hand-roasted coffee from local Yorkshire roasters Roost Coffee, also served at KREP!)
Pizzoli’ offers hungry customers a real Sicilian street-food experience that you can find in Italy. Along with authentic, Italian, homemade pizza, lasagne and focaccia, Antonio also makes pizzolo (a flat bread pizza filled with different ingredients) and arancino (risotto croquette filled with Ragu’, ham & cheese or four cheeses). Antonio will greet you with a warm “Ciao, come và?”, while you enjoy artisanal, Italian street food favourites in the heart of York!
Shambles Wraps:
Shambles Wraps has brought traditional Turkish cooking to the Shambles Food Court with a delicious range of sautéed meat wraps, and grilled kufta kebab options. Owner Ali, who has been a chef for over 20 years, offers his rich and authentic cuisine at affordable prices, plus all wraps come with a free soft drink! We recommend the grilled lamb kufta kebab! (Served on pitta bread with tomatoes, onions, lettuce, parsley, chillies and garlic sauce).
Shambles Kitchen:
For gently smoked meat, cooked for hours over burning oak, visit the Shambles Kitchen’s kiosk in the Food Court. Choose from hot sausage, spicy chicken thighs, turkey breast and pork ribs, with tasty sides such as homemade ‘slaw, potato salad or twice-fried chips. Quality, fresh and delicious!
Winner Winner:
Treat yourself at lunchtime with a visit to The Chicken Shack for some delectable delights. Local business, Winner Winner have brought their own recipe of marinated and brined (for 12hrs) rotisserie chicken, and their famous chicken wings to the Shambles Market for hungry visitors and locals to enjoy for lunch – and enjoy it you will! The Chicken Shack offers a fab alternative to restaurant dining with the same quality service and delicious food; they use only the best local produce possible, whilst taking inspiration from flavours from around the world.
Café M:
Café M serves delicious nibbles and hot drinks throughout the day. Their range of coffees includes Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha and their special Turkish coffee. For something less stimulating for an afternoon treat, pick up a tea or herbal infusion; choices include Yorkshire tea, green tea (plain or flavoured with jasmine or lemon), earl grey, vanilla chai, and a range of caffeine-free options such as decaff black tea, redbush, peppermint, Camomile and refreshing fruit infusions. Pick out a tasty pastry, such as a homemade croissant, have a slice of delcious cake, or perhaps an ice cream to brighten your day!