Taste York and support local business on a Thursday

Taste York and support local business on a Thursday!



If every adult in York spent just £5 a week in local businesses, instead of online or in the supermarket, it would be worth more than £40m a year going back into our local economy.

York is blessed with a wealth of independent vendors, who specialise in quality cuisine and ethically-sourced ingredients; Taste York wants to support this, whilst stirring an appreciation for local food offerings within our community.
Every Thursday in the Shambles Market, between 9am and 5pm, enjoy a new food shopping experience in York. Buy quality food produce for your family, and get to know the people behind the product. At Taste York, the ‘Newgate’ area of the Shambles Market will be solely limited to food traders in order to showcase York’s foodies and promote the market as the best alternative to supermarkets for weekly grocery shopping. Make sure to look out for delicious samples as well!


If you are interested in booking a stall at this event to sell your produce, or to promote your own business through handouts and flyers, drop us an email.


Take the challenge this week!

Buy just £5 worth of your usual food produce from quality York food traders.

Support local business today!